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2018 Moab Easter Jeep Safari – Day 1: Hells Revenge

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2018 Moab Easter Jeep Safari – Day 1: Hell's Revenge


Red Rock 4 Wheelers, Inc. hosts the annual Easter Jeep Safari. With permits and other expenses increasing every year, TeraFlex sponsored two of the approximately 50 trails this year including Hell’s Revenge and Poison Spider

Last minute pit stop before heading out on the trail!


Hell's Revenge + Escalator to Hell 


Although 39 rigs signed up for the Hell's Revenge on Monday, one Jeep, unfortunately, broke down before the trail even started – too bad it didn't have any TeraFlex product... A few guys we didn't have to worry about are Curtis McNeil and Charlie Copsey from Just 4 Fun Motorsports in Lindon, UT. Just 4 Fun brought out a new JLU Wrangler Unlimited as well as Curtis's buggy. 

Hell’s Revenge is a “premier slickrock trail” located northeast of Moab between the Sand Flats and the Colorado River. The trail includes long stretches of slickrock that has been marked to keep Jeepers (and those in lesser off-road vehicles) on the trail in order to protect the environment. 


Though the trail includes steep climbs, descents with drop-offs on both sides, and tight turns – as well as sharp edges – the sandstone provides excellent traction making them less technically difficult. Other surfaces include rock ledges, broken rock, sand, and some blow sand. The trail also crosses the Slickrock Bike Trail for two-wheeled vehicles.


While the majority of the trail is conquerable by vehicles with at least 33” tires (rated 6 in difficulty), several optional obstacles along Hell’s Revenge require more modifications to clear 35” or larger tires (rated 8 in difficulty). These optional obstacles, which can be bypassed, include the Hot Tubs, Rubble Trouble, the Tip-Over Challenge, Hell’s Gate, and Escalator to Hell.  

The Hot Tubs consist of steep – and deep – natural bowl formations that accumulate stagnate water. The slickrock is made slick from the muddy sludge stuck to your tires – as well as those who went before you – making it just a bit tougher to claw your way back out. 


Hell’s Gate consists of a “steep climb up a chute that narrows and steepens as it goes up.” A spotter is a must near the top in order to take the correct line, while failing to hit that line can result in multiple rolls down to the bottom. 

Escalator to Hell features a multi-tiered climb up a narrow V-shaped groove in the slickrock with a line that twists back and forth. A fatal move could cause you to end up back at the bottom. Some sections require pressing the tires against the sides, while other sections can lift a front wheel off the surface. 


The 360-degree view from the large vistas includes the La Sal Mountains to Arches National Park as well as Moab Valley and the Colorado River, while Escalator to Hell adds views of part of Negro Bill Canyon. Other views include large sections of clefts and canyons as well as sandstone and slickrock. These spectacular views would not be possible without heading off the beaten path.



The total route is 17 miles including 13 miles off road. 

 - Jason Udy


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