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JK: HD Forged Adjustable Track Bar – Front (0-6” Lift)

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The front axle experiences tremendous amounts of lateral force while turning and those effects increase exponentially during off-road driving. The TeraFlex JK: Front HD Adjustable Track Bars withstand these abusive side loads to dramatically improve steering response and handling. Track Bars also allow lateral adjustment of the axle for proper axle alignment as well as cycling through full suspension travel without interfering with other components.

Our Front HD Adjustable Track Bar is recommended for 2.5-6” lifts. Bolts into factory locations – no cutting or welding required. This is the same Front Track Bar used in our 2.5-6” Suspension Systems (Alpine RT, Alpine CT, Sport ST, and w/ 8 Alpine Short Control Arms).

A must for anyone who takes their rig off road!


• HD Forged Adjustable Track Bars are 230% stiffer than factory track bars – making them the strongest track bars on the market!
• Bolts into factory locations – no cutting or welding required
• Front Track Bar works w/ the raised front track bar bracket on our Tera HD Front Axles as well as the Front Track Bar Frame Drop Bracket (# 1953000)
• High-quality, maintenance-free factory-style bushings w/ an additional rate plate for superior handling and responsive control


• HD Forged Adjustable Track Bar – Front


• JK Wrangler (2-door)
• JK Wrangler Unlimited (4-door)

• 0-6” Lift


• Replacement bushings (# 835770) available individually.


• HD Forged Adjustable Track Bar – Front (# 1753418)
• Front Track Bar Bracket Gusset (# 4951800)

• HD Forged Adjustable Track Bar – Rear (# 1754418)
• Rear Track Bar Axle Bracket Kit (2.5” Lift) (# 1954776)
• Rear Track Bar Axle Bracket Kit (3–6” Lift) (# 1954777)
• Rear Track Bar Frame Bracket Kit (2.5” Spacer Lift) (# 1954202)

• Replacement Track Bar Bushing (Front or Rear) (# 835770)


1 Hour

Weight:  18.15 lbs

Vehicle Type:
JK Wrangler
JKU Wrangler Unlimited

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August 27th 2015
Had a pull to the right after my lift went to 4x4 parts ready to spend a lot of money on the upper and lower arms. The guys there said wait let us check something first. After a few minutes they came back and said put on a teraflex forged adjustable track bar and we will be able to fix the pull. Sure enough after the put it on the jku went straight down the road and WOW I MEAN WOW when I say a lot of the bump steer is gone. Great product. 2010 jku with 3 1/2 inch tera lift and front trackbar with 35 toyo tires 456 gers
September 14th 2015
Excellent fit, easily adjusted, Clevite bushings, and strong enough to kick a Spartan's rear. Highly recommended
November 20th 2015
Lance Lucas
Added one of these to my 2015 JKUR to compliment a TeraFlex 2.5" coil lift. I was able to easily center the axle perfectly and this thing is strong! The front of my Jeep feels solid and the steering feel is precise,. Be easy on the pinch bolts/nuts that lock down the adjustment collar, especially if you put anti-seize on them, as they can end up collapsing the clamps quite a bit before you hit the stated torque (80 ft/lbs). I've done 55-60 ft/lbs during later adjustments and it seems to work great. Great part, would recommend to friends!
November 22nd 2015
Shawn Houser
I bought this after watching Dennis's video. Lol. I figured after throwing 37s on my jeep and lifting it 4.5 it would be a smart choice, and it sure was. I didn't notice how much slop I had in my steering until this beast was installed! Tightened up the steering and gives my jeep a very stable feel. Definitely recommend!
November 22nd 2015
PURE BEEF! This trackbar is awesome! Not only is it massive, but it's built to mimic the stock trackbar so fitment, looks, and precision are all perfect. Last but not least you can adjust without unbolting
November 23rd 2015
Trucks 2 Bikes PLUS
Excellent fit, easily adjusted, and very strong . Highly recommended
January 23rd 2016
I installed the Monster front trackbar today and I have to say it is pure beef and the easiest adjustable trackbar I have ever installed. It is literally a 10 minute start to finish job. awesome job Teraflex.
June 3rd 2016
Aaron Pyle
Since I was spending so much money on doing everything I got this to go with the lift. I have been so impressed with Teraflex on products that I have been putting on as much as possible and this is definitely an improvement over anything stock so how can you go wrong spending the little extra money to make things sturdier.
January 11th 2016
Joshua R
This track bar is easy to install and takes the flex you feel in your steering out of the picture. Whether a long high speed turn on a highway or off road, this baby will make steering your jeep feel more stable and controlled. I almost waited to install this when I did my lift but I'm glad that I went ahead with it. I did the rear track bar as well!
June 27th 2015
I don't even think I needed this but bought it anyway using the baby's crib money, good thing I got some nice in-laws :P . Very handy and indeed helped stabilize the front end a lot more considering Im running heavy General Grabber (Red letter)tires. Again, easy to install thanks to the Youtube videos.
August 4th 2017
BUY THIS TRACK BAR, plus the rear track bar and bracket. This equipment is a must for anyone running 35/12.50's in my very humble opinion. You don't have to be crawling over boulders to benefit from these track bars. If you need to drive over 60 mph, just buy them and thank me later. I have a 2017 Rubicon with 3.25" lift and 35/12.50's. Drove well after the lift/tires, but felt a little "loose" especially at speeds above 60 mph. Minor bumps/dips in the road at higher speeds significantly affected the steering and comfort. I found myself gripping the wheel and anticipating every imperfection in the highway. Adding the Teraflex front and rear track bars plus relocation bracket has made a TREMENDOUS difference. The steering is tighter. Bumps at lower speeds are less jarring. Steering, ride, and responsiveness at 60 mph + is night and day compared to the factory track bars. I feel my Jeep is safer thanks to these track bars.
March 10th 2018
Good heavy duty track bar and works great when it works. Less than 1500 miles and barely a year old and the Diff side bushing is shot.. And this was all street driving.. almost no offroad. Was expecting a much better life span from this track bar..