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JK 4dr: Nebo Roof Rack Main Rail Kit – Silver

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The purpose-built TeraFlex JKU 4-Door Nebo Roof Rack System incorporates OEM aesthetics and styling with rugged performance to increase cargo carrying capacity for your adventures. The factory finished appearance makes it look at home in the city or off-road in a fully-loaded Rubicon. The low-profile streamlined design has been tuned to reduce air resistance and noise when unloaded.

This rack’s standard main rail kit is compatible with universal 10-series T-slot accessory mounts and accepts aftermarket crossbars from popular companies – including Thule or Yakima – to provide the widest range of mounting options on the market to carry equipment such as cycling, watersports, and snow sports equipment.

The aluminum extruded main rail utilizes the industry standard 10-series T-slot mounts that readily accept accessory mounting hardware to carry gear such as a shovel, axe, or recovery jack. The optional JKU 4-Door 6-Piece Cargo Slat Kit (sold separately # 4722050 or # 4722060) provides a platform to hold gear and allows direct mounting of popular sport equipment carriers without need for a load or crossbar.


• JKU Wrangler Unlimited (4-door) hardtop models only


• Height: 2-3/8” (from crown of hard top)
• Width: 43” (between rails)
• Length: 45-1/2” (between plastic caps)
• Silver finish


• Roof rack rails - pair
• Roof rack rail mounts - all 4


• Sleek low-profile design for unobtrusive aesthetics & clean aerodynamics for a quiet ride
• Composite supports & trim parts are molded to match the subtle curvature of the hardtop
• Extruded aluminum construction for reduced weight
• Extra thick architectural grade UV resistant hard anodizing
• Fasteners coated to OEM specifications for superior corrosion/rust resistance
• Rack cargo load is fully supported by factory sport bar
• Unique easy-to-reach access holes allow for quick hardtop removal w/ only four (4) additional mounting fasteners to loosen
• Four (4) T-slot channels on main rail for a variety of mounting points
• Molded in hooks on slat mounts to secure light loads
• Each individual slat has four (4) 10-series T-slots & a wide center slot for mounting existing carriers & racks
• Static load rating of 850 lbs.
• Dynamic driving load rating of 200 lbs.
• Total Height added: 2-3/8” from the crown of the hardtop
• Total weight added for the main rail kit is 25 lbs. & 29 lbs. w/ the optional 6-Piece Cargo Slat Kit (# 4722050 or # 4722060)
• Hardtop can be hoisted & stored from the rail system
• Rubber gaskets & O-rings w/ shoulder bolts prevent leaking
• Patent Pending


• Drilling required in factory hardtop.

• Optional 6-Piece Cargo Slat Kit (# 4722050 or # 4722060) sold separately for additional mounting options.

• The TeraFlex Nebo Roof Rack is designed to accommodate the widest range of equipment carriers on the market. These equipment carriers can be attached to the main rails, the cross slats, or by mounting the carriers cross load bars to the main rails. This will provide a safe and secure mounting point that is as low profile as possible to reduce wind noise. Because the TeraFlex Nebo rack utilizes industry standard 10-series T-slots, equipment carrier compatibility is maximized with minimal adapter components required.

• Although it is a relatively easy process to attach these equipment carriers to the Nebo Roof Rack, there will still be some customizing that must take place. This is most commonly done through adapters provided by the equipment carrier manufacturer (Thule, Yakima, etc.).

• Please review the Nebo Roof Rack instruction file found below prior to purchasing or installing the rack. This will give you some insight into the different mounting configurations and adapters that may be required to mount specific equipment carriers to the Nebo Roof Rack.

INSTALL TIME: 7 Hours (complete kit w/ rails & slats)

Weight:  28.0 lbs

Vehicle Type:
JKU Wrangler Unlimited

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April 13th 2016
Richard A Wilson
The TERAFLEX JK Nebo Roof Rack - SKU: 4722000 - along with the slat kit - SKU: 4722050 - are terrific! I had them installed by my Jeep dealer - Ourisman Chrysler Jeep of Clarksville Maryland - and they are insanely perfect. The rails bolt right in to the roll cage - therefore - the 850 pound static load capacity...... I mean - this is your own personal "roof top patio" for all functional purposes....... yet...... It is very unobtrusive..... It really really looks like it was designed right into my Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon's color matching hardtop. Ourisman did have to make a field trip to procure a special drill bit for penetrating the composite Jeep Freedom hardtop - but other than that - it was a seamless install with their substantial talent. My Rubi is all white - the silver Nebo Rack - just blends right in. It is so aerodynamic - there has been no noticeable increase in wind noise. Perfect!. Also - note - you can still remove the hardtop - just 4 more fasteners to disconnect........ And....... *AND* - the TERAFLEX Nebo roof rack works perfect as a "lift point" to winch your hard top up and off via a coffin hoist or pulley assembly and hang it from your garage ceiling - or when in the field - an obliging horizontal tree branch..... As far as roof racks go - okay - so it ain't cheap............ but if you want the good things in life, my friends, - ya gotta "pay the freight".......... Machining and metalwork are all NASA launch vehicle quality - flat out aerospace quality. Looking at the metal work - fit - and finish........ they can't be making much of a profit - if any - on this rig - so buy a Nebo whilst you can. Even though these are much pricier than a less substantial Yakima-Thule "Fisher-Price/Hasbro toy set ups" - they are well worth it...... (Sorry Yakima and Thule - you do build great roof racks - but nothing like the TERAFLEX Nebo - it's a class of it's own.... Sorry...... )... If you are in the Maryland area - and do not have the time to pull off the install yourself - Ourisman Jeep has the experience - they did a great job for me ( Thanks Sherwin Wilson for pulling out the "A-team" techs.. - yeah - we gotta be related back somewhere... I like how this dude rolls.... heh............ ) Cheers, Rick Wilson - Columbia Maryland......
May 21st 2016
Cris Torres
Don't buy this product!!!!!! It will be the worst investment you will make and will give you a huge headache. I don't understand how this product is being sold without any accessory mounts for adding a awning, shovel, ax etc...I spoke with supposedly a tech rep with Terra flex and he was clueless with info regarding placing a RTT on top even though the freakin video shows a RTT and awning mounted to the rack wtf terra flex!? This damn thing has been so frustrating because no one knows anything about it. I totally regret wasting my hard earned money on this product. Ive purchased other products from Terra Flex and have been very happy with them but this one has totally disappointed and frustrated me. Dear Terra Flex don't put out a product you haven't finished engineering just to make a quick buck.